From media relations, to special events, influencer marketing and social media, experience is our calling card and creativity is the ace up our sleeve. A sampling of our service offerings can be found below. For more information, contact us.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. From communications strategy to key message development, we’ll work with you to create a roadmap for meeting your goals and help you with the key milestones along the way.


Companies spend millions of dollars on elaborately-conceived advertising campaigns, but inspiring consumers to action usually happens closer to home. A recommendation from a trusted or admired source cuts through the noise, and meaningful brand experiences have the ability to create devoted, enthusiastic customers.


It’s never just a party. Whether it’s a champagne-filled fete for Burberry, the launch of a new denim line for Levi’s, a book party for Alice Waters, an UGG store opening hosted by Olympic skier Jonny Mosley or the launch of a limited-edition Rene Lacoste tennis shoe, Mullens Public Relations has a track record for creating imaginative events that are cleverly-crafted to build brand awareness, garner media coverage and communicate a powerful and lasting message.

From building a stellar guest list, to securing charity partners, event sponsors, or even the right DJ, Mullens PR creates immersive brand experiences that are seamless, on point and unforgettable.


We Facebook. We blog. We Pin. We Tweet. You Digg? That’s okay — we do.

Because journalists blog and bloggers tweet, traditional media and “new” media have become inextricably intertwined. Our approach to new media is a lot like our approach to “old” media — it’s about authenticity and developing relationships with influencers and consumers and cutting through the clutter with strategic communications that are steeped in a brand’s DNA. Done right, it’s the difference between you singing the praises of your brand or your customers singing it for you.